Aircraft management

Argo Jet’s specialists possess valuable experience in aircraft management.

Our aim is to ensure that your investment in private jet is fully optimized.

We offer complete aircraft management programs including technical services, crew management, training, security, cost efficiency, plus the opportunity to minimize your ownership costs through charter revenue.

With your aircraft managed by Argo Jet you can rest assured that your asset retains its maximum value:

  • your financial structure for ownership is to your best advantage
  • your fiscal setup is optimized
  • your administrative and handling costs are minimal

Argo Jet provides the Clients with professional assistance and creates adoptive systems of aircraft management taking into account both individual requirements and expectations of the Client and external factors of the market.

Our Charter Sales service is dedicated to generating revenue affording you a regular and reliable return on investment. Our knowledge and use of appropriate sales tools enable us to promote your aircraft most effectively.